Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Framestore presentation+Mclaren Cartoon .Tooned. - Wheel Nuts.Episode 1

 Framestore(an visual effects and animation studio) is partnering with McLaren Group to launced a brand new media company called McLaren Animation.
First production, the cartoon series "Tooned",  made its debut on 8 July and each episode has as main characters Mclaren drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.
Every epdisode "uses Button and Hamilton’s celebrated camaraderie and urge to race as fertile territory on which to grow comical adventures that test the patience of ‘Professor M’".  Professor M, the guy in the animation in charge of developing F1 car and making main characters compete; is voiced by English TV comedian, actor and television presenter - Alexander Armstrong(born in 1970).
Framestore has only one demand from Mclaren - the result must to be funny and so far i think they had succeed.

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