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Preview 2011 Hungaroring, Hungary GP

The 525 km2 area of Budapest lies in central Hungary surrounded by settlements of the agglomeration in Pest county. The capital extends 25 and 29 kilometers in the north-south, east-west direction respectively. The Danube river enters the city from the north; later it encircles two islands, Óbuda Island and Margaret Island.The third island Csepel Island is the largest of the Budapest Danube islands, however only its northernmost tip is within city limits. The river that separates the two parts of the city is only 230m wide at its narrowest point in Budapest. The Hungaroring is the home of Hungarian motorsport. Besides Formula One, there were also DTM, FIA GT Championship races in its history and a public drag race event takes place every month.

Technical details
The Grand Prix is held in the middle of summer, which is usually hot and dry in this region. Its first wet Grand Prix race was in 2006. The circuit is normally dusty due to underuse throughout the rest of the year and its sandy soil. As the circuit track is in a valley you can see about 80 percent of the racetrack from any point. Normally an underused circuit becomes faster over the weekend as the track surface gathers more rubber residue; however, with the Hungaroring this generally does not happen because the track can get dusty so quickly. The track frequently becomes faster during a qualifying session, which leads competitors to try for their best lap as late as possible.
Magyar Circuit has 4,4 km, 70 laps with a race distance of 306 km; 4 highspeed straches, 3 slow turns, 1 ideal spots for overtaking and a top speed around 315 km/h. Best Preview by Mark Webber(last year winner):

Wikipedia History
The Hungaroring is a racing circuit in Mogyoród, near Budapest, Hungary where the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix is held. Construction works started on October 1, 1985. It was built in eight months, less time than any other Formula One circuit. The first race was held on March 24, 1986 in memory of János Drapál, the first Hungarian who won motorcycle Grand Prix races. According to a survey put together by the Hungarian national tourism office Mogyoród ranks third in venues visited by tourists in Hungary, following the Danube Bend-area and Lake Balaton, but before Budapest.
Both Hungary's Zsolt Baumgartner and Poland's Robert Kubica made their debut on this track as the first F1 drivers of their countries. The 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix was the first wet grand prix at the Hungaroring. This saw the retirement of many drivers including championship rivals Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher and gave Jenson Button and the reborn Honda F1 team their first win. Fernando Alonso also earned his first Grand Prix victory at this in 2003, declaring it his favourite track as a result.

With actual Configuration of the track - Lap record 1:19.071 Michael Schumacher, Ferrari F2004 (2004)
Lets see last year pole by Sebastian Vettel:(those Australian commentators suck:) )


In 2009 Massa has an very bad accident and hasn't won a race ever since...

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