Sunday, 31 July 2011

F1 prediction - Hungaroring 2011

As in Canada, Jenson could benefit and take advantage of a Vettel mistake and could win the race; Hamilton will be too aggressive and will end in 3rd or 4th place if he will not hit any wall; Alonso may have trouble with Massa and will fight for the second place with Vettel - depends how race will be after first corner; surprise may arise from Webber who is the rain master from the grid along Schumacher; Scumacher, especially in the case of a wet race(as in GP2 this morning) will be very close to the top 4 overtaking 2 or 3 guys like Rosberg, Sutil or who knows..Massa
1. Button 2. Vettel or vice versa
3. Webber
4. Alonso or Hamilton
5. Massa and Schumacher fight for 5th place

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