Friday, 29 June 2012

CGI London Street Citcut or something alternative

Santander have released a spectacular concept film, featuring McLaren drivers, exploring how an F1 race in London might look.

The CGI film, with an imagined 5.156-kilometre circuit, was produced by expert project architects Populous, who consulted Button and Hamilton extensively on the track’s design. It features a starting grid(The Mall), a near-200mph Santander straight in the run up to Buckingham Palace, and one of the most showy corners - Trafalgar Square into Admiralty Arch all done at night.

Anyway, i think its good to appear new circuits in F1, but there are a lot of circuits that are not in F1 calendar and may worth to be there to challenge a lot the pilot and make a true experience living a Grand Prix, with drivers trully risking their lifes becoming heros and it use to be:)......
A good example of a track that worth to be between the twenty races of the year is Macau(actually an F3 track)

and virtual for better view

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