Saturday, 9 June 2012

SBS Weekly (fake)rumor S1.2 - Vettel .hidden. stabbed Webber for some holes?

After Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes had raised concerns about the design of RedBull car in Monaco, FIA has declared illegal the holes in the floor of RB8.  Winning the grand prix of  Monaco, made Mark Webber look very confident in himself and his car, not only that, but he equaled the points of his teammate Vettel too (73). So, with some pressure on the dutchman, not necessarily for Monaco race(where he didn't run in Q3) or that Mark is in front of him with 15 points in Driver Standings (by Qualifying),  Vettel may mention to some colleagues of other teams (like Schumacher or/and Button) that his own car has some interesting modifications seeing that Webber began to smoothly accommodate with his F1 car and may have a bigger rival at RedBull than last year.
Now, with flat floor, seems that Webber  returned on his initial behavior in practice at Canadian GP  - medium level and Vettel is back in shape
.....or something like: Felipe, Fernando is faster than you! Can you confirm you understood that message?
...... or maybe its just practice so far at Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

Or maybe is just a strategy of C. Horner and his team, to highlight something obvious(like illegal holes), and hide something not that visible.

*reach beyond imagination can make a good story...

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