Friday, 30 April 2010

Légion d’Honneur for Michael Schumacher

Prime Minister of France, Francois Fillon offered Légion d’Honneur to Michael Schumacher for his lifetime achievements in Formula One.

The Légion d’Honneur is an order of the French state first established in 1802 to reward military and civilian service, outstanding talent and great virtue.

Scumacher : “I feel very honoured and proud to have received this award. The ceremony was very solemn and moving. Afterwards we had the opportunity to meet up with some close friends in Paris.”

Thursday, 29 April 2010

New arena circuit @ Silverstone

Silverstone Arena Circuit, which will hold the 2010 British Grand Prix, was upgrated and was opened today in a ceremony at the track. F1 drivers Webber and David Coulthard were there for the unveiling the track.

F1 cars will hit 300km/h through the two fast upgrated corners which direct them off the old track - right curve name is Abbey & left curve name is Farm.

Crazy F1 simulator - Genius people :)

While surfing, i found real sh%t on youtube. Some people thought that today's game simulators are not advanced enough, so they built a super F1 simulator - awesome.

Someday u may even buy one of this, but the builders need some donations to evolve - u can visit them here.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Williams F1 > Majority Share in WHP

Today, Williams F1 team, confirmed that it has acquired a majority shareholding (78%) in WHP (Williams Hybrid Power).
In 2009 WHP re-focused its development efforts (reductions in CO2 emissions) to road vehicle applications of the technology and has recently partnered with Porsche AG to run the system in the manufacturer’s new Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid.

AT&T Williams driver, Nico Hulkenberg, has experienced the technology when he completed three laps of the 24 kilometre Nordschleife on Friday 23 April driving the 911 GT3R.

WHP was successful this year at the debut in the Porsche hybrid, finishing 1st in its class and 3rd place on the second race of the season at the Nurburgring.

F10 - steering wheel

Giuliano Salvi, one of Ferrari engineer's, presents on Ferrari official site, the 2010 Formula 1 single-seater’s steering wheel and explaining its functions.
The Ferrari F1 drivers, Alonso & Massa, are using almost the same steering wheel on their F1 cars, modified for personal needs of each one.

Push here for presentation

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

News update

- The Sepang F1 Circuit is planning for a major upgrade. The track is searching for investors to upgrade the track facilities

- Michelin may not be the only tyre supplier entering F1 in 2011, with Avon tyres announcing they have been approached to join the sport...

- Ferrari still want MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi to race for them next year if they manage to change F1 rules and enter a third car, but the italian doesen't seem to agree this idea.

- Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo will resign as chairman of Fiat

- Kimi Raikkonen finished up his best weekend yet in WRC, driving his Citroen to a fifth place finish

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Button won in Shanghai! Mclaren-Mercedes taked the lead

1. Jenson Button

2. Lewis Hamilton
3. Nico Rosberg 4.Alonso 5.Kubica 6.Vettel 7.Petrov 8.Webber 9.Massa 10.Schumacher 11.Sutil 12.Barichello 13.Alguersuari 14.Kovalainen 15.Hulkenberg
16.Bruno Senna ......
After a race where rain begans and ends for a few times, change of tyres strategy was very important.

Mclaren's strategy was inspirated, because Button had to change tyres just for 2 times, and average of changing tyres was 4. Hamilton made show again, Rosberg lost 1st place in the race after a personal mistake, Alonso with 4 pitt-stops and a drive-through (jumped start - view left of Rosberg onboard)
, amazing has finished 4th,

but surprise camed from Petrov, after overtaking Schumacher and Mark Webber.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Chinese Grand Prix 2011..

The Chinese Grand Prix will continue beyond the 2010 season. Bernie Ecclestone, president CEO of Formula One Management and Formula One Administration, has stated answering doubts about the future of the loss making race which had initially signed a 7 year deal in 2004 due to expire with the seventh race this season. It was rumoured that the organisers wont renew the race contract owing to the super large losses being made by the race.
Ecclestone : “The contract is ongoing here, it will go on as a rolling contract. I’ll be here next year also.”, “We’ve talked to them all the time about everything, we’re happy with everything, no dramas,” Bernie Ecclestone told reporters at Shanghai”.

Race Shanghai - tomorow

Tomorow, detailes from race will be posted live.

Qualifying (China, april 17)

This is how is gonna look the start grid tomorow(lap time - qualfying round 3):

1. Vettel : 1:34.558
2. Webber : 1:34.806
3. Alonso : 1:34.913
4. Rosberg : 1:34.923
5. Button : 1:34.979
6. Hamilton : 1:35.034
7. Massa : 1:35.180
8. Kubica : 1:35.364
9. Schumacher : 1:35.646
10. Sutil : 1:35.963

Others haven't passed first or second sesion of qualifying and there aren't big surprises: 11. Barichello, 12. Alguersuari, 13. Buemi, 14. Petrov, 15. Kobayashi,
16. Hulkenberg, 17. De La Rosa, 18. Luizi, 19. Glock, 20. Trulli, 21. Kovalainen,
22. Di Grassi, 23. Bruno Senna, 24. Chandhok.
If we fallow the results just from cars point of view, and not from pilots and their preparation & talent, we can observe that Red Bull - Renault is dominating again, Mercedes engine seems to help a lot top ten pilots and Alonso (Ferrari) is a surprise for me, even is number 3 in driver standings. I don't know what is happening with Massa, maybe this track is not on his style i don't know.

Practice 1 - Results (China 17 april)

1. Webber 1:35.323, 2. Hamilton 1:35.564, 3. Vettel 1:35.691,
4. Button 1:35.747, 5. Alonso 1:35.857, 6. Rosberg 1:35.913,
7. Scumacher 1:36.262, 8. Kubica 1:36.343, 9. Massa 1:36.416,
10. Kobayashi 1:36.634

Friday, 16 April 2010

Practice 2 - Results (China 16 april)

1. Hamilton 1:35.217, 2. Rosberg 1:35.465, 3. Button 1:35.593,
4. Schumacher 1:35.602, 5. Vettel 1:35.791, 6. Webber 1:35.995,
7. Sutil 1:36.254, 8. Alguersuari 1:36.377, 9. Kubica 1:36.389,
10. Alonso 1:36.604, 11. Massa 1:36.944, 12. Petrov 1:36.986

Practice 1 - Results (China 16 april)

1. Button 1:36.677, 2. Rosberg 1:36.748, 3. Hamilton 1:36.775,
4. Schumacher 1:37.509, 5. Vettel 1:37.601, 6. Kubica 1:37.716,
7. Petrov 1:37.745, 8. Webber 1:37.980, 9. Sutil 1:38.008,
10. Massa 1:38.098

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Circuit of China, Shanghai

Shanghai is the largest city in China with a population of over 20 million people in its metropolitan area.

This city has hosted the Formula One Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai International Circuit every year since 2004. It's a modern track with stunning architecture and has 2 straight lines, where speed can get over 320 km/h, at least in the past when there weren't so many rules that made f1 to reduce speed for safety measures.

Practice 1 : friday, 16 april, 10:00, local time
Practice 2 : friday, 16 april, 14:00, local time
Practice 3 : saturday, 17 april, 11:00, local time
Qualifying : saturday, 17 arpil, 14:00, local time
Race : sunday, 18 april, 15:00, local time

News update

- Mercedes Gp revised rear bodywork around exhausts
- Torro Rosso modified bodywork around exhausts too, and the exhaust opening is no longer visible from the side
- Ferrari new floor, including an opening in front of the rear tyres
- Fabrio Briatore wants to return to F1 in 2013

Thursday, 8 April 2010

First preview China

last year pole..(Vettel) - 1min 36.184sec

and record lap is 1:32.238 made by Schumacher in 2004.

This year i expect a Vettel show, and a Schumacher return in first 3-4 at the end of the Shanghai´s race.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Red Bull domination, Vettel winner..finally..

Chiar daca la cursa de la Sepang s-a anuntat ploaie, aceasta nu si-a facut aparatia, dar spectacol am avut din plin. La startul cursei au fost depasiri multe, Vettel trecand la conducere dupa primul viraj, dupa ce l-a intrecut pe Rosberg si Webber si ramanand acolo tot restul cursei.

Cel mai spectaculos pilot al cursei a fost Hamilton, care, dupa ce a pornit de pe 20, ajunsese la un moment dat pe 3, insa a terminat pe 6, doar trebuia sa-si schimbe si el pneurile. Pe pozitia a 2-a s-a tinut bine Webber

si pe 3 Rosberg, colegului lui Schumacher, care a abandonat din cauza unei probleme tehnice.

Pe 4 Kubica, 5 Sutil, 7 MAssa, 8 Button....

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Calificare sesiunea 3, Grila de start Sepang 2010

Dupa intrerupere, ploaia s-a oprit, circuitul s-a mai uscat, iar dupa sesiunea
a 3-a care decide grila de start de maine 4.04.2010 de la Malayesia, ordinea plecarii in cursa este:
1 Webber
2 Rosberg
3 Vettel
4 Sutil
5 Hulkenberg - surpiza calificarilor
6 Kubica
7 Barichelo
8 Schumacher
9 Kobayashi
10 Luizzi
11 Petrov
12 De La Rosa
13 Buemi
14 Alguersuari
15 Kovalainen
16 Glock
17 Button
18 Trulli
19 Alonso
20 Hamilton
21 Massa
22 Chandhok
23 B. Senna
24 Di Grassi
Cursa de maine cu siguranta ca va fi una spectaculoasa, cu multe depasiri, pentru ca multi piloti foarte buni sunt in spate, probabil si cu multe iesiri in decor, din cauza ploii ce se anunta.
Sper ca Schumi va arata ca stie sa piloteze mult mai bine decat multi piloti tineri, mai ales pe ploaie, sa le arate ca talentul nu se uita, chiar daca varsta lui este destul de inaintata pentru un pilot de formula 1; si bineinteles Vettel sper sa faca spectacol - ca de obicei.

A treia sesiune de calificari intrerupta

A treia sesiune de calificari intrerupta dupa 3 minute din cauza unei ploi torentiale care a umplut circuitul de apa; durata intreruperii este de cateva minute.

A doua sesiune de calificari -live-(Malayesia)

Dupa a doua sesiune de calificari Vettel are primul timp, Kubica 2, Sutil 3, Schumacher al 10-lea. Button nu a mai putut participa la a 2-a sesiune de calificari din cauza masinii prea avariate dupa ce a iesit pe nisip in timp ce incerca sa scoata un timp bun in prima sesiune de calificari.
Urmeaza a 3-a si ultima sesiune de calificari, care va decide grila de start al cursei de langa Kuala Lumpur de maine dimineata.

Calificari 1

Dupa prima sesiune de calificari pe ploaie torentiala, Kubica pe primul loc si colegul de la Renault, Petrov - pe 4, Vettel pe 3 si Schumacher pe 14, insa surpriza vine de la ce de la Ferrari care nu au reusit cu nici un pilot sa se califice in a doua sesiune de calificari si de la Hamilton de asemenea nu a reusit calificarea.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Preview Sepang, Malayesia

Circuitul malayesian este un circuit de viteza, atingandu-se in linie dreapta chiar si 300 km/h. Are 15 curbe, iar recordul celui mai rapid tur este de 1:34.223(Juan Pablo Montoya - 2004).
2009 winner : J. Button, cel mai rapid tur Button;
2008 winner : K. Raikkonen, cel mai rapid tur Kovalainen;
2007 winner : F. Alonso, cel mai rapid tur Hamilton;
2006 winner : G. Fisichella, cel mai rapid tur Alonso;
2005 winner : F. Alonso, cel mai rapid tur Raikkonen;
2004 winner : M. Schumacher, cel mai rapid tur Montoya

In prima sesiune de antrenamente de ieri dimineata, timpurile de referinta au fost:1) Lewis Hamilton 1:34.921 ,2) Nico Rosberg 1:35.106 ,3) Jenson Button 1:35.207 ,4) Michael Schumacher 1:35.225 ,iar in a doua sesiune care a avut loc azi dimineata 1) Lewis Hamilton 1:34.175 ,2) Sebastian Vettel 1:34.441 ,
3) Nico Rosberg 1:34.443 4) Jenson Button 1:34.538.
Dupa cum observam, are loc o evolutie a lui Vettel de la un antrenament la altul si probabil in calificarile de maine va obtine cel mai rapid tur sau Hamilton va domina fara probleme impreuna cu coechipierul de la McLaren(sa vedem daca se adevereste ceva din ce am scris:) ). Nu stiu exact cum s-ar descurca pe ploaie Vettel, insa daca va ploua, poate o sa avem o surpriza de la Schumi..

Jenson Button, obtinand pole-position anul trecut la Sepang:

Update news

- Oglinzile laterale vor fi interzise incepand cu marele premiu al Chinei, din motive de siguranta si pentru a spori vizibilitatea(vor fi móntate pe cockpit)
- Pilotul de teste Fairuz Fauzy il va inlocui pe Heikki Kovalainen in prima sesiune de antrenamente de la Sepang

- La Marele premiu al Malayesiei este foarte posibil sa fie precipitatiii
- McLaren va utiliza in acest sezon un nou tip de ulei de motor furnizat de ExxonMobile
- Williams a anuntat ca va introduce un nou update aerodinamic in Malayesia
- Umiditatea excesiva combinata cu caldura sufocanta, au determinat Scuderia Ferrari sa implementeze cateva update-uri pentru monopostul lor,dar nu au detaliat despre ce e vorba, insa cel mai probabil vor aduce mici modificari aerodinamicii monoposturilor.