Saturday, 15 October 2011


- drivers predict 5-stops in Korea where will be using soft and super-soft tyres for this race, high wear

- Bruno Senna has a modified helmet design for this weekend in Korea in order to mark the 20-year anniversary of late uncle Ayrton’s third and final World Championship-crowning moment in 1991

- Sahara India Pariwar, a leading promoter and patron of sports in India, announced on October 12 an investment in the Force India F1 Team. Sahara India Pariwar will be investing approximately USD 100 mn into the Force India Formula One Team. With this investment both the Sahara India Pariwar and Dr. Mallya will own 42.5% each in the team. The Mol family’s equity will be at 15%. The new logo of the Sahara Force India F1 Team, as the team will now be called, was jointly unveiled today by Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara and Dr. Vijay Mallya, at a press conference in New Delhi 
- Sebastian Vettel will not be penalised for cutting Turn 5 during one of his qualifying in-laps in Korea, with stewards closing the matter after an investigation
- Mark Webber has been handed a fine of 1,400 euros for speeding in the pit lane during the final grid-deciding phase
- In Korea, Sauber and Ferrari are using a new front wing
Sauber features a new end platewhich is similar in style to Williams' solution. The attachment between the main profile and the end plate is also different with a curved section whilst the profile and flap are much straighter in style. The upper deck flaps are completely different with a wider and more curved design, whilst the small outside fin found on the previous wing has been removed

Ferrari decided to run this front wing on Fernando Alonso's car during qualifying and the race. There are many changes over the older version with most components (nosecone and wing pillars aside) radically different. The endplates are very similar in style to the ones Red Bull introduced at Suzuka and no longer feature a secondary outside vertical fin. The main plane is also reminiscent of the Red Bull with its middle slot, as is the large flap. The upper-deck flap, meanwhile, bears a similarity to the one found on the previous wing, introduced in Budapest back in July

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