Sunday, 26 June 2011

Driver standings and Constructor standings after Europa 2011

Driver Standings:
1. Sebastian Vettel 186pct
2. Jenson Button 109pct
3. Mark Webber 109pct
4. Lewis Hamilton 97pct
5. Fernando Alonso 87pct

Europa, Valencia Street Circuit - Race results

1. Sebastian Vettel 1:39:36.169(easy race for him)
2. Fernando Alonso +10.891(nice race; overtook Webber once and fabulous start)
3. Mark Webber +27.255(good race, but needed to save fuel)
4. Lewis Hamilton +46.190
5. Felipe Massa +51.705(bad race, after a good start)
6. Jenson Button +1:00.065
7. Nico Rosberg +1:38.090
8. Jaime Alguersuari +1 Lap(very good race after started 17th and after he met David Guetta:) )
9. Adrian Sutil +1 Lap
10. Nick Heidfeld +1 Lap

Photo of the day - was ist das ?

After getting the pole, Sebastian Vettel looks at Alonso's car to see the steering wheel, or how Ferrari red colour is, or whatever you wanna imagine, or most likely just to be annoying:)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

FIA vs Redbull (0-1) - episode 1

First episode FIA vs Redbull or Ferrari vs Redbull or Mclaren-Mercedes vs Redbull(who knows?!!?) ended again with RB7 domination and i'm afraid this rule(same engine mapping in Q and in race) is against the drivers and will not let them to do incredible records on a lap(even though we have a new lap record in Valencia 1:36.975 made by Vettel), but maybe this is better for race day when someone will get an engine failure.
FIA, or who ever is in charge got to find another rule to block RedBull cars and now we are waiting for episode 2.
I just wonder: why this rule?

Pole lap - Valencia 2011

Sebastian Vettel

Driver standings by Qualifying after Europa(Valencia) 2011

1. Sebastian Vettel 193pct
2. Mark Webber 118pct
3. Lewis Hamilton 109pct
4. Fernando Alonso 94pct
5. Jenson Button 92pct
6. Nico Rosberg 60pct
7. Felipe Massa 56pct
8. Vitaly Petrov 28pct
9. Michael Schumacher 23pct
10. Nick Heidfeld 14pct

Qaulifying Valencia - starting grid 2011(Europa)

1. Sebastian Vettel 1:36.975

2. Mark Webber 1:37.163

3. Lewis Hamilton 1:37.380

4. Fernando Alonso 1:37.454
5. Felipe Massa 1:37.535
6. Jenson Button 1:37.645

Practice 3 in Europa(Valencia) - Results

1. Sebastian Vettel 1:37.258
2. Fernando Alonso 1:37.678
3. Felipe Massa 1:37.840

Friday, 24 June 2011

Practice 1 and 2 in Europa(Valencia) - Results

Practice 2:

1. Fernando Alonso 1:37.968
2. Lewis Hamilton 1:38.195
3. Sebastian Vettel 1:38.265
4. Michael Schumacher 1:38.315
5. Felipe Massa 1:38.443

Nothing to post - Red Bull gives you wings

Mark Webber vs Kovalainen

Last year at Valencia Street Circuit race, Mark Webber crash into Kovalainen and flew to the sky..

Preview 2011 Valencia Street Circuit, Europa GP

The Valencia Street Circuit is a semi-permanent street circuit in Valencia, Spain which will host the Formula One European Grand Prix for seven years starting in 2008. Valencia or València is the third largestcity in Spain and the original latin name of the city was Valentia, meaning "strength", "valour", the citybeingnamed for the Roman practice of recognizing the valour of former Roman soldiers after a war.

Technical details
Valencia Street Circuit has 5.4 km, 57 laps with a race distance of 308 km; 5 highspeed straches, 6 slow turns, 2 ideal spots for overtaking and a top speed around 306 km/h. The circuit has been criticised by the drivers for its lack of overtaking opportunites. There have only been 4 recorded overtakes since the race was first held in 2008, with none of them in 2009. Best Preview by Mark Webber:

Wikipedia History
The first race meeting on the circuit was held over the 23/24 August 2008 weekend, with Felipe Massa winning the main event, the European Grand Prix, after starting from pole position. The circuit utilizes the roads skirting around the city's harbour and America's Cup port area – including a section over a 140-metre-long (460 ft) swing bridge and also includes some roads designed exclusively for racing purposes by the German architect Hermann Tilke who also designed the infrastructural buildings for the circuit. The 2011 edition will be held on Sunday June 26th.
The deal to host the Valencia race was signed on June 1, 2007 and is for seven years. The deal was made between Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone and the Valmor Sport group, which is led by former motorcycle rider Jorge Martinez Aspar and Villarreal football club's president Fernando Roig.
The circuit has been criticised by the drivers for its lack of overtaking opportunites. There have only been 4 recorded overtakes since the race was first held in 2008, with none of them in 2009.

In 2008:
European Grand Prix was held on August 24, 2008. It was the 12th race of the 2008 Formula One season. The race, contested over 57 laps, was won by Felipe Massa for the Ferrari team after starting from pole position. Lewis Hamilton finished second in a McLaren car, with Robert Kubica third in a BMW Sauber. During the race Massa was reprimanded by the stewards and fined €10,000 for nearly colliding with Adrian Sutil's car in the pits, but the Brazilian kept his victory.

In 2009:
European Grand Prix was held on August 23, 2009. It was the 11th race of the 2009 Formula One season. The race, contested over 57 laps, was won by Rubens Barrichello for the Brawn team after Lewis Hamilton took pole in the McLaren. Hamilton came second, while Kimi Räikkönen took third in the Ferrari car. It marked the first race of Frenchman Romain Grosjean in the Renault.

In 2010:
European Grand Prix was held on June 27, 2010. It was the ninth round on the 2010 Formula One season. The race, contested over 57 laps, was won by Sebastian Vettel for Red Bull Racing after starting from pole. McLaren team-mates Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button came second and third respectively. Championship contender Mark Webber was involved in an accident with the Lotus of Heikki Kovalainen, resulting in the Australian's car launching into a flip, before crashing into the barriers. The release of the Safety car following the accident led to a controversial moment in the race, with Hamilton passing the safety car while Fernando Alonso was stuck behind, providing Hamilton with the opportunity to pull away. 20 minutes after Alonso had complained to the stewards, Hamilton was given a drive-through penalty, meaning to the dismay of the Ferrari driver he was able to maintain his position.

Fastest lap 1:37.587 - Sebastian Vettel, RedBull (2010)
Full throttle 69%
Power loss 6%
Tyre energy (1-3) 3
Brake energy (1-3) 1
Downforce level: Medium
Gear changes per lap 64
Fuel use per lap 2.9kg
Pit lane time loss 21 seconds
2011 prime tyre: Medium (2010: Medium)
2011 option tyre: Soft (2010: Super Soft)
Last year pole by Sebastian Vettel:

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Driver standings and Constructor standings after Canada 2011

1. Sebastian Vettel 161pct
2. Jenson Button 101pct
3. Mark Webber 94pct
4. Lewis Hamilton 85pct
5. Fernando Alonso 69pct

Canada, Gilles Villeneuve - Race results

1. Jenson Button 4:04:39.537(incredible race but lucky with Hamiltons accident and last lap mistake of Vettel) 
2. Sebastian Vettel +2.7 sec(almost perfect race) 
3. Mark Webber +13.8 sec(lucky with his car, because Kobayashi worth 3rd place)
4. Michael Schumacher +14.2 sec(bad luck for him: if the rain have continued he woned first podium)
5. Vitaly Petrov +20.3 secs
6. Felipe Massa +33.2 secs(not very good result in Montreal, because he had here a good race rhythm)

Driver standings by Qualifying after Canada 2011

1. Sebastian Vettel 168pct
2. Mark Webber 100pct
3. Lewis Hamilton 94pct
4. Jenson Button 84pct
5. Fernando Alonso 82pct
6. Nico Rosberg 54pct
7. Felipe Massa 46pct

Qaulifying Montreal - starting grid 2011(Canada)

1. Sebastian Vettel 1:13.014

2. Fernando Alonso 1:13.199

3. Felipe Massa 1:13.217

4. Mark Webber 1:13.429

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Practice 1, 2 and 3 in Canada - Results

Practice 3
1. Sebastian Vettel 1:13.381        
2. Fernando Alonso 1:13.701    
3. Nico Rosberg 1:13.919    
4. Felipe Massa 1:13.956

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Preview 2011 Gilles Villeneuve, Canada GP

Canada Grand Prix or Grand Prix du Canada is built on an island on the St Lawrence River, the Montreal circuit is bumpy and requires heavy braking, putting a lot of strain on the tyres and it will be interesting to see how the new Pirelli tyres last on Sunday.

Wikipedia History
Canadian GP is an annual auto race held in Canada starting in 1961. It has been part of F1 since 1967. It was first staged at Mosport Park in Bowmanville, Ontario as a sports car event before it alternated between Mosport and Circuit Mont-Tremblant, Quebec after Formula One took over the event. After 1971 safety concerns led to the Grand Prix moving permanently to Mosport. In 1978 the Canadian Grand Prix moved to its current home on Île Notre-Dame in Montreal. In 2005, the Canadian Grand Prix was the most watched Formula One GP in the world. The race was also the third most watched sporting event worldwide, behind the first place Super Bowl XXXIX and the UEFA Champions League Final.
The Canadian Grand Prix was not included in the 2009 Formula 1 calendar and n 27 November 2009 it was reported the race could return in 2010and the 2010 edition then took place on June 13.
The first winner in Montreal was Quebec native Gilles Villeneuve who died in 1982 on the final qualifying lap for the Belgian Grand Prix. A few weeks after his death, the race course in Montreal was named Circuit Gilles Villeneuve after him. Gilles Villeneuve was one of the first inducted into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame, and the only Canadian winner at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.
In 1999, the final corner of Circuit Gilles Villeneuve became well-known for crashes involving former World Champions. Damon Hill, Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve all crashed into the same wall which had the slogan Bienvenue au Québec (Welcome to Quebec in English) on it. The wall became ironically known as the "Wall of Champions" . The wall also was involved in a crash with Ricardo Zonta, who was, at the time, the reigning FIA GT sports car champion. In recent years, GP2 Champion Nico Rosberg and CART Champion Juan Pablo Montoya have also fallen victim to the wall.
Technical details
Gilles Villeneuve Circuit has 4.4 km, 70 laps with a race distance of 305 km; 4 highspeed straches, 2 slow turns, 3 ideal spots for overtaking and a top speed around 325 km/h. Best Preview by Mark Webber:

Mosport Park 1961–1977
Circuit Mont-Tremblant 1968–1970
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve 1978–2011
Number of times held 47
First held 1961
Last held 2010
Most wins for a driver: Michael Schumacher - 7
Most wins for constructors: Ferrari - 13
Last race (2010): Pole position Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 1:15.105:
      boring commentary
Podium 2010
1. Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 1h 33m 53.456s (195.080 km/h)
2. Jenson Button McLaren-Mercedes +2.254s
3. Fernando Alonso Ferrari +9.214s
Fastest lap 2010: Robert Kubica Renault 1:16.972
Fastes Laps in Montreal:
2003 1:10.502 Fernando Alonso
2004 1:13.622 Rubens Barrichello
2005 1:14.384 Kimi Raikkonen
2006 1:15.841 Kimi Raikkonen
2002 1:15.960 Juan Pablo Montoya

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Nothing to post - Stupid pit incident

  wtf?? :))

Hamilton crash into Raikkonen's car in Canada - 2008 while in the pit lane the semaphore was showing red colour!


- 2013 F1 rules may be delayed(postponed):
>4-cylinder 1.6-litre engines("high pressure gasoline injection up to 500 bar with a maximum of 12,000 rpm, >with extensive energy management and energy recovery systems (ERS)"),
>modifications in order to improve the aerodynamic efficiency: together with the power train rules, this will >enable a 35% reduction in fuel consumption,
>the heights of the cars noses will be smaller
>minimum weight of the cars will be increased to 660kg

- The Bahrain GP, postponed in March due to violent civil unrest, will go ahead on October 30 with India moving to december 11