Sunday, 8 July 2012

F1 prediction - England 2012.Silverstone

This time there will not be a tires lottery, will be a strategy lottery if rain will fall down and last man standing will be the hero, with great advantage for Fernando Alonso who has clear view, with no one standing in his way to splash him...
So top 6 will be something like
1. Schumacher
2. Alonso
3. Vettel vs Webber
4. Raikkonen
5. Hamilton or Massa or Grosjean
Anyway, i think Alonso will end up in the back of first top10 drivers or retired, because he had a amazing continuity with no retirement or big problems(only In Montreal where his tires failed) due a lot of time and and last 3 places of my top will be occupied bye one of  Raikkonen Hamilton Massa Grojean.......with a very nice fight...

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