Sunday, 28 August 2011

F1 prediction - Spa-Francorchamps 2011

Lewis Hamilton will fight with Vettel for the first place, Massa, Rosberg and Mark should fight for 3rd place and probablly Massa is the surprise for the podium this year at Spa if Alonso will not made a fantastic race with many overtaking and if he isnt faster than Felipe... , Alguersuari could make the best race of his career for him and Toro Rosso and Bruno Senna could do his debut with Renault very optimistic for the future, taking advantage of an accident in front or he will had bad luck and he'll be subject of an accident . Anyway, this is how i think the race result will be
1. Sebastian Vettel
2. Lewis Hamilton
3. Felipe vs Webber
5. Alonso
6. Rosberg
7. Button
8. Petrov vs Senna vs Alguersuari( with rain Alguersuari should be in front of them)

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