Friday, 26 August 2011

Driver nicknames - in history

Michael Schumacher - Schummel-Schumi: schummel carries connotations of cheating and deviousness; in 1994, Schumacher was repeatedly accused of bending or breaking the rules (for example he alleged to activate a banned launch control system or his disqualification at Spa on a technicality or driving into Damon Hill to clinch the world championship at Adelaide). He is also known as TGF (Great One Liz) or The Red Baron (due to his red Ferrari and in reference to the German Manfred von Richthofen, the famous flying ace of World War I)
Fernando Alonso - Teflonso: Teflon is commonly used as a non-stick coating on kitchenware or us a word which describes people tainted by allegations but never directly implicated in them (it refers to his involvement in ‘Spygate’ in 2007, where emails revealed he discussed Mclarebs use of confidential Ferrari informations and ‘Crashgate’ in 2008, where his Renault team mate Nelson Piquet Jnr was ordered by Flavio to crash somenone to help Alonso win). He is also known as The King or GOD
Alain Prost - Le Professeur: he was an expert at restraining the urge to drive at ten-tenths, preserving his car until the end of the race, and above all, making sure he did not run out of fuel.
Rubens Barrichello - Rubinho
Mika Hakkinen - The Flying Finn
David Coulthard - Sqaure Jaw or Boxhead
Ralf Schumacher - GFB (German Fellow's Brother)
Eddie Irvine - The swerve
Nick Heidfeld - TGFH (That German Fellow's Heir to the throne)
Jos Verstappen - The Boss
Jean Alesi - Crazy JeanNikki Lauda - King Rat
Fittipaldi - Sao Paolo Taxi Driver or Rat
Nelson Piquet - Sujeirinha ("the little dirty guy" because when he was very young he worked in a garage and his face was always covered with oil)

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