Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mr Fluffy and Jenson Button - F1 full of crazy people says:
"Pushing Jenson's Buttons

After the debacle at the Chinese GP when Jenson Button tried to stop in the Red Bull garage for tyres, the McLaren team have been working out ways to guarantee he will stop in the correct pitbox. Now, having sent him for three sessions with a hypnotherapist, McLaren have found out the perfect object for Jenson to identify on his way into a crowded pitlane. For the Turkish GP the McLaren team will strap Jenson's childhood teddy, Mr Fluffy, onto his front jack."

"Asked down the pitlane what other treasured objects fellow drivers might use, Rubens Barrichello said a picture of his kids, Heikki Kovalainen asked for a stuffed moose and Mark Webber requested a photo of Kylie Minogue's arse.
Lewis Hamilton thought a picture of himself would do the job."

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