Saturday, 14 May 2011

Characteristics of some F1 drivers (may 2011)

1. Sebastian Vettel: Shows too much that finger(sometimes gets annoying with his celebration), but otherwise a phenomenal pilot with a very good car, who has the future ahead to become if not the greatest, one of the greatest pilot ever

2. Fernando Alonso: Even though he won the championship two times in a row(in 2005 and 2006) and his nickname is "The King", he has just 20 pole positions since his first race in F1(2001 at Minardi); but he has a superb driving skill and he can overtake anyone

3. Lewis Hamilton: This world champion(in 2008) has an extrem driving style, very spectacular, fights with Alonso for the best overtaker, but he takes too many risks and the result is often that he ends into the wall
4. Nico Rosberg: Maybe he is an awesome racing driver and.....
in not very far future he could be a title contender, but i think he needs more self confidence and needs to change his hairstyle wich make him looks more like an actor of twilight saga film series

5. Michael Schumacher: He live for this sport game, has 7 championships in his dinning room, unforgettable battles and returns in races, so all the respect and appreciation that he deserve, but needs to calm down - try not to kill someone

6. Robert Kubica: With just a single victory in Canada(2008), one pole and 12 podiums since Hungary - 2006 , the polish racing driver is a big loss for this year championship hierarchy, because he is above Petrov or Heidfeld, and he might have been in the battle for 3rd or 4th place this year thanks to his experience in f l and his 2010 latest results

7. Jaime Alguersuari: This lucky and talented pilot talks too much about how bad his car is and i hope will not happen the same thing happened with his compatriot Pedro de la Rosa(Sauber fired Pedro - he was complaining too much about how bad his car was) and now he needs to beat his team mate Sebastian Buemi who earn points almost every race; anyway, if he will work harder and will find a better team or a better rhythm will become a first-hand f1 driver

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