Friday, 7 January 2011

About Alonso and his ''prize''...

  As you may know, in December last year, Alonso won votes from twelve F1 Teams as been the best driver of the 2010 season in Autosport magazine.
 I don't know if those formula 1 teams are just irritated of  RBR strategies or RBR chassis..or RBR drivers, but i know that a great driver is fantastic when is riding like nobody his car on a track, but also when he find the best set up of the car together with the team for one or other cirucuit. Is clearly that Vettel asumed a lot of risks durring the 2010 championship setting up his car to the limit, driving like a ''crazy'' and some times it cost him the race. Anyway crazy of the year goes to Hamilton.
  Now i don't say that Alonso isn't a great driver(we saw a lot of take outs achieved in 2010 by Fernando), even i don't say is antipathetic(antipathetic was De La Rosa with his statements about his Sauber-someone feeds you and you talk bad about the team ?!?, or Rosberg with his photo's from his official site :) seems more like La saga Crepusculo actor).
  Anyway at that poll from Autosport magazine, Vettel was a close second after Fernando Alonso, while Nico Hulkenberg was the only rookie in the top ten.

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