Monday, 17 January 2011

2011 F1 championship - rules updates may have a big influence for this season

1. Team orders - Are now alowed
2. Return of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems(KERS) - take the waste energy generated under braking and turns it into additional power
3. New > Adjustable rear wings - The system is electronically and it can be used at any time in practice and qualifying, but during the race can only be activated when a driver is less than one second behind another car at pre-determined points on the track. The system is then deactivated once the driver brakes. In combination with KERS, it is designed to boost overtaking. With that rear wings overtaking should be easier

4. F-ducts forbidden - How a f-duct worked in 2010(mclaren): 
5. Penalties - Stewards have the power to impose a wider range of penalties for driving and other rule transgressions. Added to their armoury are time penalties, the right to exclude drivers from race results, or suspend them from subsequent events.
6. Double diffusers forbidden
7. New rule: 107% qualifying rule - During Q1 any driver who fails to set a lap within 107 percent of the fastest Q1 time will not be allowed to start the race, just in exceptional circumstances, which could include a driver setting a suitable time during practice, the stewards may permit the car to start.
8. Wheel tethers - teams must place a second tether on every wheel to improve safety. The two tethers must be contained in separate suspension members.
9. Tyres - Pirelli is the new supplier of F1 championship after Bridgestone came out from formula 1. Tyre allocation has been reduced with 11, rather than 14 sets of dry-weather tyres available to each driver per race weekend. Drivers will receive three sets (two prime, one option) to use in P1 and P2 and must return one set after each session. A further 8 sets will be for the rest of the weekend, although one set of each specification must be handed back before qualifying. If a driver fails to use both specifications of dry-weather tyres during a (dry) race, they will be excluded from the results. If a (dry) race is suspended and can’t be restarted, and a driver has failed to use both specifications, 30 seconds will be added to the driver’s race time.
10. Much reliable Gearboxes - gearboxes now need to last for 5 race weekends, instead of 4 race weekends.
11. Team curfew - A clampdown on long working hours has been introduced, with a curfew on team personnel connected with the operation of the cars. They will not be allowed into the circuit between midnight and 6am when practice is scheduled to start at 10am the following day, or between 1am and 7am when practice starts at 11am. Each team is permitted four individual exceptions to this rule during the season.

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