Sunday, 27 May 2012

F1 prediction - Monaco 2012

Since are six hours left until Grand Prix of Monaco starts,  rustles has already begun to emerge(to be poetic). Some say it will rain, some say that Mercedes AMG are weak in the race, but anyway even with rain drops and with harshly first moments after start - in first lap(not only), i don't think any of these will matter(not even tyre degradation), because in Monaco all that matters is: driver skill(+setup-balance..etc.) and a lot of good luck; that's why Monaco is the best track to run on - in the end this street circuit has some kind of magic for drivers and its audience - winning makes a nice story to tell for the winner.
 Maybe this Sunday we will all assist to a great show with some crashes(muhaha) and crazy fights and maybe final race standing will be:
1. Nico Rosberg will win if he pass Webber(taking advantage of ussualy poor start of the Australian) and with some gap, will repeat the scene from China
2nd,3rd and 4th place may be drastically modified durring the race, because of the impatience of Hamilton and a crash between him and Webber might take them out 
2. Grojean if escapes from "hunters" behind him (Alonso and Schumacher)
3. Schumacher vs Alonso (great fight or something...)
4. Alonso
5. Masa (maybe will tell him again that Alonso is faster, even the spaniard "is blocking him":)
6. If will survive Vettel will fight with Raikkonen and even with Massa and Alonso

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