Friday, 15 April 2011

Preview 2011 Shanghai, Chinese GP

Shanghai is the largest city in China with a population of over 20 million people in its metropolitan area.
This city has hosted the Formula One Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai International Circuit every year since 2004. It's a modern track with stunning architecture and has 2 straight lines, where speed can get over 310 km/h and when was completed in 2004, it was the most expensive Formula One circuit facility, costing $240 million.

Technique details:
Shanghai Circuit has 5.5 km, 56 laps with a race distance 306 km, 6 highspeed straches, 5 slow turns(2, 3,5, 10 and 13), 3 ideal spots for overtaking(5, 8 and 13) and a top speed around 312 km/h.

First race was held in 04' and woned by Rubens Barichello and the fastest lap was made by Michael Schumacher with Ferrari in 2004 with a lap time of 1:32.238 in a race. Ferrari won 3 times here and Mclaren just 2 times.

2004 - Rubens Barichello
2005 - Fernando Alonso
2006 - Michael Schumacher
2007 - Kimi Raikkonen
2008 - Lewis Hamilton
2009 - Sebastian Vettel
2010 - Jenson Button

Last year pole - Sebastian Vettel :1:32.160

Best circuit preview with Mark Webber:

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